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Track Review: MacReady - Sunset on Mt. Fuji (Feat. Watch Out For Snakes)

California Synthwave team MacReady are back with a new single, this time joining forces with Atlanta based Watch Out For Snakes, the (in my opinion) reigning king of Chipsynth, for "Sunset on Mt. Fuji", a somber and low tone track, one full of emotion. MacReady lays the backing with some great sounds, full of slow and beautiful melodies, while Watch Out For Snakes brings the Chiptune in high fashion, helping the two sounds really blend together for something really special. The guitars also layed down by MacReady bring the track to a new level, and the whole atmosphere is really elevated by the guitar, chiptune and synths. This truly a piece worth checking out, as it is fantastic on all accounts.

Be sure to check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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