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Single Review: Watch Out For Snakes - Fight Those Invisible Ninjas

Atlanta based Chipwave king Watch Out For Snakes is back with a brand new single, titled "Fight Those Invisible Ninjas". The title is a cute little nod to the term used to reference mosh pits at Hardcore Punk shows, but that nod goes much deeper than just a surface level reference, this track is really infused with the blood of hardcore throughout. Mixed spectacularly with WOFS's blend of Synthwave + Chiptune, the hardcore energy comes through and really gives the track this lively energy, getting you pumped up. The track really builds and finishes on this excellent breakdown, just asking for a crowd to headbang to. It's an excellent crossbreed of genres, and a symbol to the diversification of sound in the synthwave scene, something I'm always super delighted to see. This track was premiered with a music video, which will be linked down below.

All in all, this track is an excellent piece of Chipwave, something that no fan of Synthwave, Hardcore, or Chiptune should skip out on!

Check the track out here, and consider purchasing it on bandcamp.

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