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Album Review: Electronic Warbear - Afterlife

Atlanta based Synth producer Electronic Warbear is back with their latest album, "Afterlife", a uniquely special release, something that is hard to describe unless you've heard the album itself. The title feels almost literal; this whole album feels like a Vaporwave/Chillsynth (is Dreamwave a thing? if not this is it) exploration into what some might think the afterlife is like, it's very airy and spacey, but also has an air of eeriness too it, as if something is just around the corner that you don't know of. Nothing horrific like a demon, monster, or tangible thing; but a more existential dread kind of feeling. It's smooth enough to put on and just enjoy the sounds, but also if you listen close there is a LOT more there, just waiting to be discovered. Tracks like "The Tower" and "Lost in The Machine" really show the breadth of sound "Afterlife" is willing to cover. "Edge of Nowhere" is a particularly stellar track, creating an off kilter synth-pop jam featuring spectacular vocals from fellow ATL stars Frisky Monkey and Seersha. "Afterlife" is also a very comprehensive journey, hitting 16 tracks, once you're in, you're in. That being said, It doesn't feel that long though, it's extremely easy to get sucked into the atmospheres crafted and just want to live in them for as long as possible.

"Afterlife" is Electronic Warbear's best work to date in my opinion, it explores so many things, and effortlessly creates a feeling and experience I rarely see. If you like your synth deeply atmospheric with a lot of amazing things waiting under the surface, "Afterlife" is not to be missed.

Check the album out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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