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Synthpocalyse: Live On Scream - Week 7

Week 7 of Live On Scream has come to a close, and this is the second to last show of the season! Don't fret though, the show will be back at the beginning of 2020!

Next week though, aside from the season finale, there will also be a Halloween Spooktacular the day before! On Oct.31 on the same time and station, there will be a special Halloween show! more details for that soon!

That aside, here is the list as always, and below will be links to all the tracks played. Thank you so much for tuning in!


Magna - Divide (Miami Edit)

Elay Arson - Hotline LA

Street Cleaner - Manhandler (Feat. Protector 101)

WraithWalker - Digital Survivor

Killer Instinct - Video Violence

Glitch Ghost - Baphomet Brigade

Dav Dralleon - D E T H K A L L

Fixions - Crimson Mutation

Gregorio Franco - Unmaker

Watch Out For Snakes - The Cut

Glitch Black - Man Of Madness

Acid Gambit - Black Project

Starfarer - Final Approach

Vampire Step-Dad - Part Of One

TerrorDyne - Castlevania: Bloody Tears

Simon Viklund - Hot Pursuit

Carpenter Brut - Hairspray Hurricane

SurgeryHead - Corpse Monger

VVOV - Socially Acceptable Violence

GosT - 16 A.M.

Master Boot Record - HTTP

Perturbator - Tactical Percision Disarray

Johann Johannsson - Children Of The New Dawn

Mega Drive - Osaka Sewers

The Toxic Avenger - Make this Right.


The Track by Magna is not available on Bandcamp

The Track by Killer Instinct is only available as a bonus for their EP "Rebirth"

The Track by TerrorDyne is a bonus for their album "Wrong Turn"


That's the list! Thank you for tuning in as always, and thank you to these artists for making fantastic work!

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