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Synthpocalypse: Ritual Sin - Week 3

Week 3 of Synthpocalypse has come to a close, and here is the full list of what was played, as well as Bandcamp links to all tracks, if available!


Neuron Spectre - Neon Maniac

Master Boot Record - HTTP

Elay Arson - Switchblades (Feat. The Encounter)

Terrordyne - Rapture

Perturbator - The Church

Killer Instinct - Worship

Tommy '86 - The Shutdown of Humanity

Herr Lounge Corps, Cadaverous Condition - In June, as I Killed Time (GosT Remix)

Alpha Chrome Yayo - 4AM in a Warehouse Freezer

Jay Tholen - Colder Than The Rest (Fre3zer)

Cat Temper - Purranoid

The Warhorse - Gazelle's Got Gams (Feat. Aaron Staniulis)

Acid Gambit - Ectogenesis

Christine - Glass Mirror

Electronic Warbear - Dead Givaway

Tanimura Midnight - Kowloon

El Huervo - Rust

MacReady - Sunset on Mt. Fuji (Feat. Watch Out For Snakes)

WraithWalker - Plasma Gossamer

Gregorio Franco - Venom

Fixions - Maser Omega

Glitch Ghost - Acid For Blood

SurgeryHead - Pit Face

Glitch Black - Shattered Bone

Street Cleaner - Manhandler (Feat. Protector 101)


The Track by The Warhorse is not available on Bandcamp.


That's the list, thanks for tuning in, and hope to see you next week for more Synthpocalypse!

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