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Synthpocalypse: Ritual Sin - Week 4

The 4th week of Synthpocalypse: Ritual Sin wrapped up this weekend, and I hope those who tuned in enjoyed the show! down below is the list as usual, along with Bandcamp links when available.


Megatronix – Burnin’ in the Third Degree

Hollywood Burns – Survivors

Gregorio Franco – The Pit

Microchip Terror – Terror Bites (Feat. NeoSlave)

SurgeryHead – Fallen One

Carpenter Brut – Sexkiller on the Loose

Dance With The Dead – From Hell

Danger – 3:16

Xennon – A New Enemy

The Warhorse – Lollapalo$er

Scattle – Flatline

Vampire Step-Dad – The First Date

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Mandy Love Theme

Waveshaper – Wisdom of rage

Power Glove – Clutch (Dragon Mix)

TerrorDyne – Lunatic

Occams Laser – Mutilation

NeoSlave – Disco of Doom

Fixions – Crimson Mutation

Perturbator – Raining Steel

Elay Arson – Overloaded (Feat. Dreddd)

Dan Terminus – Grimoire Blanc

FaceXHugger – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend (Feat. Cogex)

GosT – Bloody Roses


The track by Danger is not available on Bandcamp.

The track by Power Glove is not available on Bandcamp.

The track by TerrorDyne is not available on Bandcamp.

The track by GosT is not available on Bandcamp.


That's the list! Thank you for checking us out, and I hope you tune in this week for more Synthpocalypse!

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