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Synthpocalypse: Ritual Sin - Week 2

The radio portion of Synthpocalypse finished up it's second week on friday, and here is the list! As usual, listed below is everything that was played, as well as links to bandcamp where available!


Carpenter Brut – Escape from Midwich Valley

Kofin – Coven

Mega Drive – Gun Hag

Dance With The Dead – Scar

NeoSlave – Overdrive Overture

We Are Magonia – Synthwave is Dead

VVOV – Natures Nightmare

Fixions – Incursion

Gregorio Franco – Awakening (Feat. Glitbiter)

GosT – Magdelene

Street Cleaner – Better The Devil You Know

Megan McDuffee – Toxic Love

SurgeryHead – Hunt (Feat. Alojla) [Clean Cut]

Watch Out For Snakes – Torn

Elay Arson – Hotline LA

WraithWalker – Digital Survivor

Magic Sword – In The Face Of Evil (Live)

Dedderz – Video Nasty (Feat. Hollywood Burns)

Perturbator – Diabolus Ex Machina

Occams Laser – The Lovers

Lazerpunk – Rampage

Volkor X – This Means War (Feat. Sylvain Coudret)


The track by GosT is not available on Bandcamp.

The track by Magic Sword is not available on Bandcamp.

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