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Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream - Week One

Week one of "Live On Scream" has come to an end, and as such, here is the list of what was played! Below the list are links to every track that was played on Bandcamp (if possible). consider purchasing them on Bandcamp!

VVOV - God

Mega Drive - Gun Hag

Vampire Step-Dad - Seabreeze

The Warhorse - Yeah Ok Ozymandias

Street Cleaner - Garbage Day

Lazerpunk - Lambo Nero (Feat. Machabray)

Cat Temper - Purranoid

Frisky Monkey - Crystal Blue (Electric Runner Remix)

Alpha Chrome Yayo - The Mirror

MacReady - Sunset On Mt. Fuji (Feat. Watch Out For Snakes)

Gregorio Franco - Bane Of The Empire (Final Fantasy VI)

Glitbiter - Follower (Demo)

Xennon - A New Enemy

Acid Gambit - Arrival

GosT - Ascension

Fixions - Killing Pool

WraithWalker - Cyclical Self-Abuse

SurgeryHead - Fallen One

Jay Tholen - Formations (Basidia)

TerrorDyne - The Reckoning

Blood Beat - The Blood Beat

Perturbator - Angel Dust

ToyTree - Black Canyon

Occams Laser - Naked

Tommy '86 - Sequential Slavery (Feat. Dan Terminus)

Unholy Rat King - One Day We'll All Be Dead and None Of This Will Matter

Glitbiter's track is exclusive to the "Outrun The Sun: Official Festival Compilation" Cassette Tape.

TerrorDyne's track is unreleased as of this set.

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