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Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream - Week 8 *SEASON FINALE*

Alas, this season of Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream has come to a close. We will be back on the air in very early 2020 though, We're just taking a small hiatus. That being said, the list of all the artists featured is down below as always, as well as links to all the tracks on Bandcamp, where possible. Thank you to all those who support the show, it really means a whole lot. Can not wait to see what unfolds for the show next year!


GosT – Master

Gregorio Franco – The Prowler 2019

SurgeryHead – Trick Or Treat (Bonus Track)

Occams Laser – Hellfire

Neuron Spectre – Neon Maniac

Glitch Black – Superior Firepower

Dan Terminus – Margaritifer

The Warhorse – Welcome to Los Angeles

Perturbator – Sentient (Feat. Hayley Stewart)

Elay Arson – Seas of Humanity (Feat. Becca Starr)

Watch Out For Snakes – Left Behind

Alpha Chrome Yayo – The Mirror

Johann Johannsson – Mandy Love Theme

Nine Inch Nails – Reptile

Master Boot Record – DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE

Fixions – Obedience

Killer Instinct – Worship

Acid Gambit – Dark Shadows

Terrordyne – Synchronicity

Wraithwalker – The Witching Hour

Tommy ’86 – Long Live The Dead Leader


The Track by Nine Inch Nails is not available on Bandcamp

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