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Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream - Week 5

Week 5 of Live On Scream has wrapped up! Down below as always is the set list of what was played, as well as links to bandcamp for every track that was played. Make sure to check out these artists and support their work!


Fixions - Soul Injection

Occams Laser - Hemostasis (Feat. Kid Neon)

Mega Drive - Crypt Diver

Terrordyne - Surviva

lToyTree - Baptism

Coutoux - Deimos

VVOV - Filth (Instrumental)

Gregorio Franco - Wreckage

Dance With The Dead - Into The Shadows (Feat. Nick Hipa)

Microchip Terror - Automated Assassins (Feat. Vulta)

Dav Dralleon - A L T E R D E A T H

WraithWalker - Hand of Fate

Dan Terminus - Grimoire Blanc

The Warhorse - Sunlight On The Garden

Jay Tholen - Colder Than the Rest (Fre3zer)

Alpha Chrome Yayo - Ink

Watch Out For Snakes - End/Credits

Cat Temper - Detroit Rock Kitty

Carpenter Brut - Hush, Sally, Hush!

Tommy '86 - Glory to the Light of the Nation

Waveshaper - You are the end

Frisky Monkey - Night Flight (Feat. Ethereal Delusions)

GosT - She Lives In Red Light

Mick Gordon - The Partisan (Feat. Tex Perkins)


The track by Terrordyne is not available at the current time, the EP is is on comes out Nov. 1st.

The track by Carpenter Brut is not available on Bandcamp.

The track by GosT is not available on Bandcamp.

The track by Mick Gordon is not available on Bandcamp.


And that's the list, Thank you for tuning in, and hope you stay tuned for more Live On Scream!

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