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Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream - Week 4

Week 4 has come to a close, and down below is the full list of what was played, as well as links to all the tracks that were played, if possible. Make sure to support and follow all these great artists, without them, there would be no show!


Keygen Church - Becureg axpallef frude. Cegab ufqua raddurac

WraithWalker - Digital Survivor (Electronic Warbear Remix)

Occams Laser - Tension

FaceXHugger - Power Unleashed (Feat. Street Cleaner)

Watch Out For Snakes - Rip 'Em Up! (Feat. Gregorio Franco)

Dance With The Dead - From Hell

TerrorDyne - Exit Plan

Magic Sword - In The Face Of Evil (GosT Remix)

Mega Drive - Terror Eyes

Danger - 3:16

Fixions - Night Brawlers

Carpenter Brut - Roller Mobster (Scattle Remix)

MacReady - Sake

The Warhorse - Hourglass (Feat. Jessie Covets)

Perturbator - Tech Noir (Feat. Noir Deco)

Christine - Death On Wheels Pt. I

Gregorio Franco - Kuuvalgas

VVOV - Consciousness, A Dagger In The Flesh

Elay Arson - Eastern European Vampire Punks

SurgeryHead - Garbage Day

See Thomas Howl - Knock Knock Ginger

NeoSlave - Messiah (Feat. Vin Weazzel)

Shredder 1984 - DoomWave

Millenium Falck - Igniting Shadows

Dan Terminus - Paper Plane

Vampire Step-Dad - The First Date


The Track from TerrorDyne is not released at this time.

The Track from Danger is not available on Bandcamp.

The Track from Carpenter Brut is not available on Bandcamp.

The Track from The Warhorse is not available on Bandcamp.

The Track from SurgeryHead is not availiable on Bandcamp.


And that's the list! Thank you again to those who tuned in, and I hope to see you again for more Synthpocalypse!

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