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Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream - Week 3

Week 3 has come to a close, with a fantastic list of great tracks from some fantastic artists! Make sure to check the list below, as well as the links to the tracks below for everything that was played on the show!



Dan Terminus – Heavy Artillery

Dance With The Dead – Tension

Elay Arson – Digital Cyber Demon

FacexHugger – Come Up To The Dark (Feat. Glitbiter & The Encounter)

Carpenter Brut – Inferno Galore

Magic Sword – In The Face Of Evil (Live)

Starfarer – Tombs On Mars

Mega Drive – Black Market Memories

SurgeryHead – A Real Hard Rain

GosT – Cascade

Perturbator – Tainted Empire

Shredder 1984 – Witch-Hunt

The Warhorse – Dragula

Watch Out For Snakes – This Ain’t No Cutscene

Master Boot Record – DOOM

Fixions – Grabbag (Duke Nukem 3D)

Gregorio Franco – The Kill Switch

Street Cleaner – Better The Devil You Know

Lazerpunk – Black Lambo (Quixotic Remix)

Glitch Black – Shattered Bone

Christine – Death On Wheels Part II

Alpha Chrome Yayo – Black Glue

Vampire Step-Dad – The Skating Rink

Tommy ’86 – The Shutdown of Humanity


The track by Magic Sword was only available on their website for a short period of time in June 2017.

The Track by SurgeryHead is only available on a compilation for Patreon Supporters only.

This Track by The Warhorse is exclusive to the "Bone Apple Tea (Maxi-Single)" CD.

This Track by Master Boot Record is only available to a cover album you can get by following the artist page on Bandcamp.

The Track by Fixions is only available on YouTube.


And thats the list! Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you tune in next time for more Synthpocalypse!

(Also more details about the Echosynthetic Fest Ticket Givaway coming soon!)

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