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Synthpocalypse: Live On Scream - Week 2

Week 2 of "Live On Scream" has come to a close! Listed below is the full list of the tracks that were playes, as well as links to bandcamp for each song that was played. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you can tune in nest week for more "Live On Scream"!

Occams Laser - Flagellation

GosT - Christine - Death On Wheels Part II (GosT Remix)

Glitch Black - BK-1

Master Boot Record - SKYNET

Killer Instinct - Club Murder

Dedderz - Video Nasty (Feat. Hollywood Burns)

Shredder 1984 - Los Angeles 2019

MacReady - Sex Crimes in Shinjuku (Feat. Street Cleaner)

Microchip Terror - Terror Bites (Feat. NeoSlave)

SurgeryHead - Hunt (Feat. Alojla) [Clean Cut]

The Warhorse - Bone Apple Tea (Radio Edit)

FreeWeights - Close Call

Vampire Step-Dad - Green Berets for Breakfast [Redux]

Watch Out For Snakes - Torn

Street Cleaner - From Ashes

VVOV - Civilization, Unsustainable [Interlude]

Gregorio Franco - Sacramental (Arcane Summoning Sequence)

Lazerpunk - Rampage

Coutoux - Primitive

Perturbator - Excess

Acid Gambit - Ectogenesis

Alpha Chrome Yayo - The Salamander

WaithWalker - Cyclical Self-Abuse (TerrorDyne Remix)

Fixions - Black Chrome Riot

Carpenter Brut - Maniac

Note: This is not the version that was played, the "clean cut" was produced specifically for the show, the only version that is available is the original cut.

Excess by Perturbator is not available on Bandcamp at the time of posting.

And that's the list! Make sure to follow all these artists and consider purchasing their work on Bandcamp.

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