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Album Review: MacReady - Kiba

California based Synthwave duo MacReady come forth with their first full length release, titled "Kiba", and hell what a release to come forth with. "Kiba" is an amazing package of glossy synth tunes, some tracks revel in the glitz and the glamor of light synth, but others aren't afraid to throw a punch or two. With a little something for everyone, MacReady explores a wide variety of sounds on this album, and they are all stellar. Tracks like "Lost In Shibuya" and "Sunset On Mount Fuji" (which was covered here in the past) are very serious and take plenty of time to establish some beautiful soundscapes and atmosphere, while "Kawasaki Ninjas Rule" let some fun moments come through, referencing both MacReady and the featured artist, FaceXHugger, as if they were in some kind of Street Fighter-esque synth duel, as well as the skit in "Sex Crimes in Shinjuku" referencing the featured artist Street Cleaner was pretty awesome.

Also there is the usage of the name "Dick Nickelback" and that's fucking amazing.

Overall, the album brings a very action oriented sound, with some pieces of softer atmosphere building, and some fun moments, leading to a very original sound, and something every Synthwave fan should give a listen.

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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