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Album Review: MacReady - A.D.

L.A. Synth Trio MacReady are back with a brand new EP, titled "A.D.", a really interesting departure from their previous work. "Kiba" was a Synthwave album chock full of charm and humor, one that didn't take itself too seriously for the most part, but did when it needed to. "A.D." is different though, it's a much more intimate project. The Synthwave standard is stripped bare, light synths are used here and there, but "A.D." takes things a quieter, much less 'Synthwave' direction. That isn't bad by any means, it's really awesome to see the scope of what the MacReady team can create, from bombastic and lighthearted to calm and intimate. The guitars here are light and delicate, it's something really unique and thoughtful. It's more about introspection than it is showing off. As the EP progresses the energy increases, getting a big faster, a bit louder, every so slowly, something you don't really notice until you're hit you're hit with the incredible closer "Requiem". It's as if the chains have been unleashed, and the track just goes wild; heavy guitar, aggressive drums, screaming synth leads, the works. It's really a great track, but so are all of them on this. "A.D." is something unique, fresh, and to an extent, solemn. Pensive, even. This is really a magnificent experience from start to finish, and I highly recommend you give it a look.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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