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Single Review: Wraithwalker - Exodus (Feat. Kofin)

Atlanta based Synth wizard Wraithwalker is back with their first single of 2020, titled "Exodus" featuring fellow Atlanta synth talent Kofin. Wraithwalker has been shifting their sound for the better part of last year, culminating in "Visions", a very cold goth/nu-wave amalgamation take on the Synthwave sound. That in itself is a fantastic project, but this new track here, "Exodus" is framed as a track from the sequel to "Visions", titled "Rituals", but we're here to talk about this new track, which is fucking KILLER. Without mincing words, this track is an evolution of the sound from "Visions", but absolutely packed with more post-punk vibes, cranking the atmosphere to 11. Amazing synth leads are paired with a thick bassline to bring together a real earworm of a track. The instrumental itself is fantastic, but when paired with vocals from Kofin, this track ascends to a higher level. Delivered in a dreary, cold tone, it matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the instrumental and is just silk to the ears. When I gave this track a listen for the first time, I was expecting some good stuff, but this was WAY beyond what I expected. This track is really something special, and perfect for the cold winter. Do NOT miss out on this.

Check out the track here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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