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Single Review: The Warhorse - Bound For The Floor

Silverlake Synthpunk duo The Warhorse are back once again, this time with a new single, this one being a cover of "Bound For The Floor" by alt-rock legends Local H. The Warhorse take this track in a whole new direction, keeping it just as catchy and cynical as the original, and beefing it up with shiny synth leads, gnarly bass, and a poppy sheen, almost as if they took the cynicism from the first track and cranked it to 11. The Warhorse charm comes through loud and clear on this track, with the track getting more and more engaging and gripping as it progresses, burying it's way into your skull and making a home there so when you're least expecting it, you think to yourself "why is that new Warhorse track stuck in my head, fuck".

At least, that's what happened with me.

"Bound To The Floor" is a fantastic track, done twice as good by The Warhorse. This track releases on February 28th, with their sophomore album releasing later this year. Check out their page, and check this track out when it fully launches.

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