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Single Review: Neon Arcadia & Xennon - Chemicals

Synthwave producers Neon Arcadia and Xennon have teamed up for a brand new Synthwave thick track titled "Chemicals". This track is absolutely drenched in some sweet Retrowave sounds, not surprising considering Xennon is at work on this. That sound is blended with some hints of modern pop, creating something that exists outside the textbook "Synthwave sound", which isn't bad by any means, the work on display here is fantastic. The vocals from Tom Pino of Neon Arcadia, which sound, tell a deeply emotional tale that pair perfectly with the upbeat production with thick drums, silky synths, and overall just really great sounds, a testament to the teamwork of Xennon and Neon Arcadia. This is a textbook Synthwave track with a twist, something really fresh and interesting, and something absolutely worth a look if the lighter side of synth is your thing.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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