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Single Review: Miles Matrix - Video Nasty (Feat. Jantzen)

Austrian Synth Producer Miles Matrix comes forward with his latest single, "Video Nasty" featuring Jantzen, who brings the saxophone like a master, but more on that in a bit. "Video Nasty" is a super interesting track, when I first heard it, it seemed a bit too quiet and 'crusty' (for the lack of better words) than I was expecting, and I thought there was something wrong with my computer (this is reasonable because I've been fighting over sound issues for like three weeks with this thing). But once I let the track play, the whole piece really started to come together, and The scratchy, distorted lead is super eerie and brings a very 70's/80's horror score atmosphere to it, and done in such a way that it is extremely enjoyable upon repeated listens. The saxophone as well is beautiful, bringing a bit of a relaxing vibe to the whole piece, letting it all balance out in a track that is perfect for the horror time of year. This track is a good one, and absolutely worth checking out.

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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