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Single Review: Frisky Monkey & Seersha - No Regrets

Atlanta based Frisky Monkey teamed up with fellow Atlanta producer Seersha for this powerhouse emotional ballad titled "No Regrets". Both Frisky Monkey and Seersha lend vocals for this track, which blends genres, sitting between synthpop and spoken word, pads just gently playing in the back, bubbly leads sprinkled throughout, and powerful drums pound through the mix. The track itself is about 2 people who thought everything was going great together, but over time, they started to fall apart, but keep holding on, until the very end, where they realize they need to move on, where they can be better for themselves. It's truly a powerful track, extremely emotionally charged, and something really special. Don't miss this one.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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