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Single Review: Frisky Monkey - Falling

Atlanta based Synth-pop act Frisky Monkey is back with a brand new single, titled "Falling" a track bleeding with synth goodness, with a heaping helping of Depeche Mode/The Cure-esque moodiness. The fantastic (as always) vocals tell a story of longing, about falling in love again with someone who you've lost, keeping a hold to something that you thought you left behind, but alas, it comes back. This story is teamed up with production that is sleek as a classic synthpop hit, but mixed with some more goth-y sounds, making this sound something more in a darker territory than usually done with Frisky Monkey. They handle that shift extremely well, it balances upbeat and poppy drums and leads with the more melancholic themes, creating something bittersweet, but none the less incredibly enjoyable.

"Falling" is a fantastic track that doesn't 'fall' flat, it soars.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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