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Single Review: Exit Plan - TerrorDyne

Exit Plan is the newest track from West Coast Synthwave artist, TerrorDyne. Someone who should already be on your watch list, but this single makes his name a necessary one for any Synthwave fan. Dripping in sultry synths, this track his hard with all the beauty of a (cliché but accurate) drive through the neon sunset. The Encounter also helped with the mixing/mastering, and it shows, the kicks are punchy, and the highs are just sweet enough without being too much. With an amazingly catchy melody and some great percussion fills, this track stays fun from start to finish, and is a prime example that Synthwave isn't dead, you just have to look in the right places to find it. This track is definitely one you should plan on listening to in the very near future.

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp from the link above.

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