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Single Review: Ethereal Delusions - Night Flight (Feat. Frisky Monkey)

West Coast Synthwave producer Ethereal Delusions joins forces with Atlanta's Synthpop starlings Frisky Monkey for this track, Night Flight. This is a very emotional piece; established by the instrumentals done by ED, leading with some glossy Chiptune stabs, and some spacey synths riding in the back, driving this track forward. The vocals done by Frisky Monkey are silky smooth, and really push the track into a new league, talking about the feelings of longing after a partner leaves, and the constant internal battle of "was it me or you", something I know many have felt, me included. Both the vocals and the instrumentals team up to make something dripping in sadness and emotion, but also shining with clean and beautiful sounds, the song equivalent of watching the sun set on the beach: somber, yet beautiful. Don't let this one fly away from you, It's definitely worth your time.

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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