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Album Review: Xennon - Miami Cop

Tokyo based producer Xennon brings his long awaited debut album, Miami Cop, the story of Jack Lancer in an alternate 1987 in Miami, told through shining synths and production that can only be classified as exceptional. The full plot to the story is available to read on , but I decided to go in blind and see what I would come out with, and it was still a phenomenal ride form start to finish. Every track breathes it's own kind of individualism, making the final product feel extremely diverse in it's sounds, from tracks like "Miami Beach Chase" which are simple to take in Synthwave tracks, as well as tracks like "The Broken Man", which start as a very avant-garde experimental sound but lead into a much darker body that is incredibly compelling. The vocals on display here are fantastic as well, the pair extremely well with the tone of the tracks their on, it all blends perfectly. This album is something that really takes it's time to establish everything it wants to put out for the listener, and while they might be reading along with the story to follow the beats of the artist, or they want to make their own journey, something compelling and inspiring can and will be found when you're finished and come out the other side. This is something to absolutely check out, blast the speakers, and get lost in a great story.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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