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Album Review: Watch Out For Snakes - Scars

Atlanta based Chipwave master Watch Out For Snakes is back with their newest full length release, "Scars", and damn is it something special. When "Scars was first announced, I was super excited for it, as the previous release from Watch Out For Snakes, "Upgrade" was one of my favorite releases of last year, so more WOFS got me REAL pumped. Upon listening to this, that excitement was not in vain; "Scars" is such a beautiful album, beautifully light where it needs to, and beautifully dark when it wants to be. Every track here has that signature WOFS synth flavor, blending Chiptunes and traditional Synthwave fantastically, with an added texture of darkness on this new album. Following in the footsteps of "Upgrade", "Scars" focuses on being a musical representation of the things going on in the life of the man behind WOFS, and that comes through crystal clear. That theme comes through on some of the best tracks on the album (in my opinion), the collaborative tracks, "Rip 'Em Up!" featuring Atlanta's Darksynth Horror Gregorio Franco; and the titular "Scars" featuring the Synthwave powerhouse Megan McDuffee. Both these tracks shine in the best of ways, "Rip 'Em Up" being a super heavy, yet somber battle track which really hits hard; and "Scars" being a bittersweet melody, shining the light on the emotional scars one person can give to another. As a whole, "Scars" is an utterly phenomenal release, full of beautiful sounds, both light and dark, and is all around something that any Synthwave fan without a shadow of a doubt needs to get their hands on and dig into.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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