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Album Review: VVOV - Marto

Finnish Darksynth masters VVOV are back with their newest full length album, "Marto", an album punishing like no other. Theres no way I can mince words on this, "Marto" is an album filled to the absolute brink with despair and suffering, executed in the most hardcore way possible, pushing the Darksynth sound to it's absolute edges, taking heavy influence from Black Metal and DNB. This album absolutely does not hold back, ripping through the listener like a sawblade, bringing some of the hardest sounds the scene has to offer. The track "Aino" for example starts off fairly calm and quiet, but once the chorus kicks in, It honestly blew me away. What is presented here is simply beyond words, I seriously can't describe what this album is other than "aggression, pure and utter wrath, and a sense of helplessness coated in a desire for retribution" This album is simply beautiful, in a way that a wilting flower can be, something so upsetting and nihilist, but so pure to itself and presenting the inevitable. "Marto" is absolutely magnificent.

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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