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Album Review: Vampire Step-Dad - The Sun Also Sets

Atlanta based Synthwave producer Vampire Step-Dad is back with his 7th album, The Sun Also Sets, which feels right at home with it's sibling releases, but also stands out from the rest. Not in a bad way though; by all means, this album is spectacular, but it takes itself more seriously than the others under VSD's belt, which is perfectly fine. There is an air of self reflection here, the whole album seems feels like a look in the mirror; taking stock of yourself and seeing what you've done with your life and where you'll take it from here. That also might be me projecting of course, but hey, that's what good music is about right? Aside; All the tracks here are all fantastic, all well layered in some of Synthwave's finest sounds, VSD's trademark guitar solos pulling on the listener's emotional strings, and neon soaked leads just lightly passing through doing their do-diligence to entrance the listener into the experience. One of, if not the finest releases from VSD, for a variety of reasons; the sounds, the feelings, the direction, it all fits and works perfectly. Tracks like "Disquiet" and "Hold On" feature that reflective emotion I mentioned earlier, while "Party of One" is an upbeat jam which is great for any 80's theme song. All in all, this album is a masterwork in the genre, and should be heard by anyone and everyone who loves Synthwave, as this album is not one to miss.

Check it out here, or consider purchasing it on bandcamp or VSD's own website,

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