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Album Review: Unholy Rat King - Plague Bearer

Darksynth / Chipsynth Producer Unholy Rat King rises from the pits to bring us his first full length album, Plague Bearer, an album which on surface level, is what your computer sounds like when it's caked in viruses and dying a slow death. Once you dig deep into it though, it really evolves into something uniquely interesting. For the average listener, it's very much something that might be hard to get into, something not conventional, but I'm very sure that's the point. Plague Bearer is something you put on and just zone out, get sucked into the soundscape and lose yourself for a while. Almost as if the musical plague infects you, and the experience is what the plague does to you. It has a good amount of more beat-driven tracks, and they work really well, but some of my favorite moments on this have just been when the sounds drone and carry you away in it's movement. The final track "One Day We'll All Be Dead and None Of This Will Matter" is a particular favorite, as it sounds just as beautiful and serene as it does mean and dark, a melancholic medium which had me honestly awestruck the entire length of the track.

Plague Bearer is something extremely out of the norm, something created to be wholly unique, something that once you slip into, it's very hard to slip out. Repeated listens really elevate some of the beauty each track holds under it's blistered, sickness riddled flesh, and this has lots of beauty to find. You just need to be ready to bear the plague, but if that's all I need to enjoy this album, I welcome the plague with open arms.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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