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Album Review: The Warhorse - Can't Stop The Clop (Maxi-Single)

Silverlake Synthpunk act The Warhorse is back with a brand new Maxi-Single titled "Can't Stop the Clop". When I typically review things for the site, I listen to the whole work about 2 times to really solidify my feelings about the complete work.

So far I've listened to this about 6 times. And I've only had access to this for about 2 hours.

This maxi-single is, without mincing words, fucking phenomenal. There's so much going on in every track that I can't get enough of, something about it all keeps me in to the point where I'm singing along to myself in my apartment. Why the high praise you ask? Well, lets get into it then.

The main single, "Can't Stop the Clop (Bashō)" carries the heavy Nu-Metal/Hardcore sound they have been working with for a while now, but this time it's blended with pop influences, so its this weird Upbeat Nu-Metal/Pop baby, as if Limp Bizkit was dunked in sugar, and I absolutely love it. The beat is just so catchy and the heavy, distorted bass in contrast with the shimmering synth-leads is just so engaging. This track in itself is worth the price of entry, but this Maxi-Single comes with even more.

Also included is a B-Side titled "Fixin'", and this is also a fantastic track, but it's almost the complete opposite to "Can't Stop the Clop", it starts with a sound that is a such a throwback to Hybrid Theory era Linkin Park and bands similar that I feel like I got whiplash. But then as the track progresses, it slowly blends into something more sentimental, just as hardcore, but with bright leads put on top makes the track feel much more atmospheric and intimate, fully emanating that 2000's sound. Another track that is just as gripping as the main attraction, but for very different reasons.

Also included on this Maxi-Single is a B-Side that was on the Outrun The Sun Festival Cassette. "Spoiler Alert" (which I've been enjoying for quite some time, waiting for an official version), A remix of "Can't Stop The Clop" from Atlanta favorite Watch Out For Snakes, which sounds just as poppy and upbeat, but it feels like what the early days of the internet sounded like, an Instrumental version of "Can't Stop The Clop", and maybe a special bonus ;)

In summary: "Can't Stop The Clop (Maxi-Single)" is absolutely fantastic, something that somehow both appeals to my love for weird, genre blending experimentation and my inner love for heavy sounds and the Nu-Metal sounds of yore (yore being like 20 years ago). If you want to get absorbed in something utterly beyond the normal, something that could be described as a Synth mosh-pit in the back corner of a Sheetz gas station, "Can't Stop the Clop", and subsequently The Warhorse, have just what you're looking for.

"Can't Stop The Clop" releases on November 12th, here's a taste of the single in a sick music video:

And here's the Bandcamp page if you want to get in early:

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