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Album Review : The Warhorse - Bone Apple Tea (Maxi-Single)

Self Titled "Silverlake Synthpunk" outfit The Warhorse are back after years with not a new full length, but a teaser of such release. This is their new Maxi-Single (Just like in the 2000's), Bone Apple Tea. Don't let the comedic title fool you, this is anything but comedic. The Warhorse bring some absolutely raw lyrics about originality and being yourself amongst a sea of copycats. It's follows up by my personal favorite on the release, "Yeah Ok Ozymandias", a phenomenally crushing track about our time here, and what we do with it. "Jinn & Juice" is after that, a track about confronting our inner demons, with some aggressive and amazing hooks and melodies. The last two tracks are B-Sides, so they're not even going to be on the final project, which goes to show that:

A). There is most likely LOTS of amazing stuff we will never hear.

B). The actual full length will be one for the record books.

The included remixes by Occams Laser and FaceXHugger are both amazing, Occams's turns "Bone Apple Tea" into a dance/rave banger, and FaceXHugger's brings out the sentimentality and emotion of the lyrics, both fantastic companion pieces.

The acoustic, radio edit, and instrumental version are also very appreciated, while not necessary, it really just adds value to the overall package. And even the surprise track, [buy the CD to see what that is] is another favorite and honestly a great theme for the summer.

All in all, Bone Apple Tea is something any fan of Synthwave and Darksynth can enjoy, while adding a dash of The Warhorse's trademark nihilism and social commentary.

Nu-Metal for a New Age.

Take a listen for yourself here, and consider supporting them by purchasing a digital copy or a CD for that bonus track that was alluded to earlier.

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