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Album Review: SurgeryHead - Vile Candy (Devil Sounds Part 1)

Irish Darksynth producer SurgeryHead is back with their latest album, "Vile Candy (Devil Sounds Part 1)" (Which will be referred to as just "Vile Candy" for brevity's sake), which follows in the footsteps of his previous albums, being absolutely caked in heavy synth goodness, being gritty as all hell, ripping through with killer basslines and glitchy sounds that keep you on edge throughout the whole album. Sounding more like his tracks on "Lords of the Video Wasteland" than from "Beyonna Nuit", these tracks are filled with influence from slasher flicks, mixed with funky leads and an aggressiveness to challenge those of the genre's heavyweights. "Vile Candy" is absolutely rich with sounds that are as fun as they are sinister, riding the line similar to that of classic B movies, this keeps you engaged in it's sonic horror as much as it keeps you dancing from it's absolutely intoxicating melodies. Tracks like "Garbage Day" and "Nightkiller" are prime examples of this, every so often I caught myself dancing along with the tracks even without thinking about it. Gritty, Grimy, Evil, and utterly fantastical, "Vile Candy" is certainly not to be missed.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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