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Album Review: Street Cleaner - Annihilation

West Coast Darksynth phenom Street Cleaner comes forward with his latest album, Annihilation, an absolutely insane masterwork, his best yet. It has a little bit for everyone, It revels in it's heavy, intense Darksynth sound, with incredibly brutal basses and drum fills that will (for lack of better words) annihilate your speakers. It also love bringing some really high leads and funky melodies for those who love the lighter sounds, and balances them in a way that feels extremely fresh. Tracks like "The Crossing" and "Life A.D." are super clean, upbeat tracks that are just super good to jam to, while tracks like "Garbage Day" and "Better The Devil You Know" are meant to played at the local metal club and the fuel to maybe one too many mosh pits (that being said, you can never have too many mosh pits). Other tracks love to be more driven by an emotional through line, being a balance of sentimental and head crushingly aggressive. I explicitly remember listening to "From Ashes" in my car upon the first listen of the album; it was night and the road was empty, and for the beginning of the song it felt just soothing and nice, but when the big breakdown finished that plays about halfway through the track, I was left awestruck, just shouting to myself how fucking cool that moment was. Things like this really make me appreciate releases like Annihilation, an album that is great in it's individual parts, but together can offer an experience unparalleled. If you are a fan of Synthwave to any degree; light, heavy, doesn't matter, make it your mission to listen to this absolute BEAST as soon as you can.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp using the link above.

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