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Album Review: Stephen Roddy - Wave Grid

Ireland based producer Stephen Roddy brings us "Wave Grid" a self described 'Primal Synthwave' experience inspired by the scores of horror films from the 1980's. That influence definitely shows here, as it rides the line of being just like it's inspirations and feeling just like one of it's contemporaries, and I say that in the best way. It's a fantastically produced synth haven, some darker vibes as well as lighter ones are included here, so there is a little something for everyone. Melodies drift in and out of atmospheric and dance, with lots of hits of industrial, bringing a ton of genre flavors in for something truly unique. Tracks like "Der Kardinal" and "Crashing Wave" hit hard as dark bangers, while tracks like "Closing Wave" and "I Didn't Think It Would Matter" are much calmer, and much more soothing. All in all, "Wave Grid" is a phenomenal release, with lots of fantastic tracks for all fans of Synthwave, absolutely check this out as soon as you can, it is an experience not to be missed.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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