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Album Review(s): WraithWalker - Resurgence & Evergloam

DISCLAIMER: I was asked to provide a remix for the "Evergloam" EP, and I helped contribute to this release. I say this because contributing on this release does not change my judgment of either EP.


Atlanta Cyberpunk producer WraithWalker is back with an interesting release, or releases. These are "Resurgence" and "Evergloam", 2 EPs focusing on 2 different creative stylings, but both utterly fantastic in their own way. For the sake of organization, I'm going to talk about each EP individually, but I'm reviewing them as a whole together because they work really, really well as companion pieces.


"Resurgence" is a very heavy cyberpunk themed release, every track is layered in sound, with deep bass and sweet leads poking through, and an absolutely killer percussion line on every track. It's much more experimental and more focused on soundscapes than "Evergloam" is, but that works in it's favor, lending some really unique works on this. The remixes done by Electronic Warbear and Rutaraki are fantastic, Rutaraki brings some funky sounds to the track, and Electronic Warbear has a solo that is BEYOND incredible. Overall, this is a super solid EP for anyone who likes their cyberpunk really heavy and complex.

"Evergloam" is much more upbeat and lighter in comparison to "Resurgence", but that doesn't mean it isn't dark as hell. Each track on here is SUPER House oriented, and it full of energy and pumping, pulsating beats. Lots of killer melodies and sound work are present, all sounding like the cyberpunk raves that live in some venue's basement somewhere in the future. The remix (I'm not going to review my own cause that would be kinda dumb) by Terrordyne is fantastic, absolutely bringing the synthwave to 11 and making a fantastically grooving bassline. Overall, "Evergloam" is for someone who likes their cyberpunk dark, but not too dark.


In Summary, "Resurgence" and "Evergloam" are 2 fantastic releases that should not by any means be missed.

Check them out here, and consider purchasing them on Bandcamp.

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