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Album Review: Miles Matrix - Androids Anonymous

Vienna based synthwave producer Miles Matrix is back with their newest album "Androids Anonymous", a journey into a robotic future through 7 killer tracks. The atmosphere this album builds as it progresses is enviable, molding and shaping it's soundscape to really make you feel like your inside this dense world packed with robots coming to life. The album overall has a super light, yet somber feeling to it, making it emotionally charged and impactful. The only outlier to this is "Snakebrother" which rips with its bassline and cranks the energy to 11 for something really heavy in comparison to the rest of the tracks on this. That is by no means a bad thing though, it gives a bit of diversity to the sound on the album, which is always enjoyed. Tracks like "Lovebytes" and "No Bot Left Behind" really tug at the heartstrings and really get you immersed into the sounds as a whole. "Androids Anonymous" is an absolutely fantastic collection of some awesome sci-fi Synthwave, which anyone who loves to dig into an immersive cybernetic world.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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