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Album Review: Mega Drive - 199XAD

One of the original names of Synthwave / Darksynth, Mega Drive, is back with a sequel to their genre-defining album "198XAD", subsequently titled "199XAD". Mega Drive went back to their roots to find a sound that is modernized with their new production, and a homage to 198X, and they did it PERFECTLY. Layered throughout tracks on this are callbacks to popular tracks from 198X, but each track hits like a bus, so packed with killer leads and bass so tights it's insane. Tracks like "Gun Hag" are aggressive as hell and do not hold back at all, letting it run wild, while tracks like "Nikita" are much slower, and let you sink into a mess of wires and get consumed by the atmosphere. The attention to detail of making a sound that is very close to what was in 198X is incredibly apparent, but to me it never feels like a step backwards, It reads as they knew what worked with the original sounds, and improved on it, leading to recognizable synth sounds from 198X, but not feeling like a re-tread. In short: "199XAD" is an absolute Cyberpunk masterpiece, Mega Drive are just as impactful here as they were back when "198XAD" first graced the scene. Absolutely should not be missed.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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