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Album Review: Masters of the Radio - Preset Mode Is Over

UK producer Masters of the Radio come forward with their newest EP, "Preset Mode Is Over", a fun little EP, full of catchy synth tracks that are all super engaging. This release is pure Synthwave, and it has a good time playing with that, giving itself room to have some great melodies, letting the synths really become the main characters of the piece, and while there is vocal pieces, they really let the sound of the synths at play really be individuals, giving each track a voice of it's own. Coming in at only 4 tracks, it is fairly short, but it does not feel short, it knows how to properly use it's time, and it feels neat, compact, and well produced. If traditional Synthwave, with a little bit of experimentation and fun is what you're looking for, you cant go wrong with "Preset Mode Is Over".

Check it our here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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