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Album Review: MacReady - Right On!

Los Angeles Trio MacReady are back with a brand new EP, titled "Right On!", an it's a really unique one at that. Heavily influenced by breakbeat and 90's hip-hop, "Right On!" brings something really special to the table, creating a sound that is wholly Synthwave, but also wholly unique. The title track screams SEGA Genesis/Master System (depending on the region you're in), almost as if it was a secret track from Toejam and Earl, just as funky and groovy as it is enjoyable. "Rolling Thunder" is a pounding, speedy track, but still upbeat and catchy as it progresses, the guitar thrown in the mix adds a hint of grunge to the overall sound, complementing the whole composition. The last track, "Knife Fight City", is another track that would feel at home on a SEGA Genesis/Master System, but much slower, but still bubbly and fun, the Hip-Hop influence really pops through, and helps this track shine. The last track here is a remix of "Rolling Thunder" by Terrordyne, taking the track in more of a "neon night drive" approach, but doing a great job slowing the track down a bit and giving it a new flavor.

All in all, "Right On!" is another fantastic release from MacReady, and if you like your synth funky, fresh, and unique, it's hard to not recommend this. Definitely give it a look.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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