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Album Review: Lazerpunk - Different Forms of Power

Hungarian Darksynth powerhouse Lazerpunk is back with another remix album, this one being chock full of remixes from the track "Power" off of his last full-length album, "Death & Glory". "Power" was, and still is, my favorite track off of the whole album, so seeing that he would put out a ton of great remixes excited the hell out of me, and the album does not disappoint. Just like the "Black Lambo" remix album, this one also comes with brand new tracks, this one having 3 instead of "Black Lambo" 's 2. "Mind Control" is the first new track, and it feels like a slowed down, more methodical change on "Power" using similar melodies and basslines, but being much more reserved in it's energy, but still being intensely sinister. "Lost in Berlin" is a club banger, inspired by the clubs Lazerpunk went to in Berlin after his US tour last year. Filled to the brim with heavy bass and pulsating leads, it also holds a tone of darkness, like there is something below the surface just waiting to burst out and wreak havoc. "Distant Objects" is the last new track on this album, further pushing the vibe of mid tempo heavy tracks, again this is filled with heavy bass, but this has a much more industrial style ambient lead, as if a track from resident evil was given a dance bassline, its some heavily sinister stuff.

The remixes on this album are all fantastic, provided by Donbor, Sierra, Grendel, Sidewalks and Skeletons, and STRNGR. Each bring a different flavor to the original track, all leaning towards industrial/DNB, but all bringing their signature flair.

All in all, "Different Forms of Power" is a fantastic collection of new tracks from Lazerpunk, as well as awesome remixes for one of the best tracks off of "Death & Glory", in my opinion of course. If you like your synth heavy and punishing, you don't have to look much further than this. Definitely give this a look.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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