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Album Review: Lazerpunk - BLACK LAMBO

Hungarian Darksynth Master Lazerpunk brings the heat with "BLACK LAMBO", a remix album centering around the track of the same name from his 2018 opus, Death & Glory. "Black Lambo" was definitely the most unique cut on Death & Glory, being very influenced by trap production, it stood out on the album and really shined. Here we have a host of remixes from 6 different producers, with the stylings of the remixes covering a wide variety of genres, from EDM/Dub to Trap, Synthwave, and even Goth-Pop. Something for everyone is here, and it all is done extremely well (The remix by Xena and Tokyo Rose are my favorites as of now, but I'm sure that will change because they are all so well done). Along side these 6 remixes are 3 new tracks, all of which are HEAVY trap influenced, and if this is the new direction Lazerpunk wants to take his tracks, that is absolutely no problem, Darksynth Trap is an unexplored genre, and I honestly would not prefer any other producer to go deep into this, and Lazerpunk knows exactly how to make a track that is gripping and heavy in the back, and getting features from vocalists such as Machabray, who have a growling approach to the heavy backing, and David Grimason, who comes aggressive as hell, make these tracks really punch. This is absolutely an album worth picking up and checking out, as it's great Darksynth and a fantastic exploration into something the genre has not seen yet.

This album is teamed up with an Indiegogo campaign to shoot a music video for Lazerpunk, which I felt like I only had to plug, as I am a film enthusiast as well as a film student, blending Darksynth and Film is something I have always thought was so cool, and if you want to not only support Lazerpunk, but also support some independent filmmakers, I heavily encourage you to support the Indiegogo, the link to it is here:

As for the album itself, check it out here, and consider buying it on the Indigogo campaign or Bandcamp.

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