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Album Review: Gregorio Franco - The Scourge

Atlanta based Darksynth master Gregorio Franco is back with his newest full length album, "The Scourge", and absolute monster to every degree, ripping through your ears and speakers, this album does not hold back. This shit is heavy. REALLY HEAVY. The intro brings you in with the eerie sounds of the dark ambience, and just when you think you're comfortable, Wreckage begins. This sets the precedence in the album of just when you think you're safe to relax, Gregorio Franco brings the heat and then you know you're not safe anymore. The aggressive bass which literally rips thorough you, the high horror leads, it's absolutely perfect in being the blend of metal and synthwave, nailing the feeling of being chased by the killer in a classic slasher film. This album really builds off the sounds pioneered in "Apocalypse Prime", the new tracks go so hard, dare I say harder than ever before, and there's even a new experimentation in slower, more ambient tracks, that feel something out of a creeping industrial album (Which makes sense, as one of Gregorio's side projects is just that). One of my favorite things here is the track Awakening, as it features Glitbiter on vocals, which ends up in this almost horror opera sound, which is utterly fantastic. All in all, "The Scourge" is an absolutely phenomenal album, an incredible ride which will keep you headbanging and your blood pumping the whole way through.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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