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Album Review: Fixions - Dark Days

French Darksynth mastermind Fixions is back with his latest full length album, titled "Dark Days". This album follows up "Sleepwatcher" and "Genocity", which "Genocity" in particular was one of my favorite albums of 2017 and is still a fantastic album start to finish, with "Sleepwatcher" being a step up in terms of production and quality. I bring the past albums up to say that "Dark Days" blows them both out of the fucking water. This album is MASSIVE, absolutely heavy as hell, dripping with his signature bass sound, which I can only describe as 'gross' but in a way that makes me smile everytime I say it, its just so crunchy and slick, like a Yamaha YM2612 dunked in oil. Bass tones aside, each track on this rips like no other, mixing elements of glitch in to create a truly dynamic and unnatural sound, alongside de-tuned leads that sound just as beautiful as they do sorrowing. Tracks like "Victims" ride the line from being beautiful somber tracks and cataclysmic nightmares, while tracks like "Negate the Wave" just roll through and utterly annihilate everything in it's wake. The whole album flows so smoothly, to the point where I had to check what track I was listening to as the album progressed, as I didn't notice any deliberate change in tracks, I was so immersed. There is not a single moment on this album where it lets up, but that is not at all a bad thing, this keeps you locked into it from start to finish, offering only a small amount of room to breathe before it pulls you back under into the bloody pool that is this albums' aggressive sound.

This album is a masterwork, and absolutely should not be missed or looked over, if you like your synth loud, heavy, and angry, you're doing yourself a disservice if you have not checked this out.

Check it out here and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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