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Album Review: Cat Temper - More Than A Feline

Boston based Synthwave Cat-tastrophy Cat Temper is back with a brand new record titled "More Than A Feline", which is a departure from their past work in one big way: It's all vocal. Every track features a vocalist from all across the Synth-spectrum, creating an experience that feels very at home for CT's work, but also something unique and fresh. Every track feels tailor made for the vocalist featured, the instrumental embodies the vocalist on display; "Sweet Cheetah" feels very synth-rock, reminiscent of the work from Bonnie Tyler, "Nine Lives" feels very synth-pop with a goth/new-wave touch, and "The Swarm of Ulthar" is soaked in heavy darker synth vibes. All these fit the artists featured, Oceanside85, Frisky Monkey, and The Vessel from VVOV respectively. Those are just some examples, but every track and vocal track fit together, leading to a release with a WIDE range of sounds, bringing a little something for everyone on this. The only connecting tissue on the tracks is that they are each cat themed, which to be honest, would it really be a Cat Temper project if it wasn't METICULOUSLY Cat Themed? (I don't mean that in a bad way by any means, it's just an interesting trademark.)

All in all, "More Than A Feline" is a really fantastic package of tracks for any and all fans of Synth, from your lighter end to the heavier side, all coated in the vibe that is so unique to CT that only he could bring to the table. Absolutely check this out, do not miss out on this.

Check it out here, and consider Purr-chasing it on Bandcamp.

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