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Album Review: Dav Dralleon - H O L Y W R A T H

French Darksynth Producer Dav Dralleon comes hard and strong with their newest album, "H O L Y W R A T H", a heavy experience filled to the brim with energy and absolute aggression. Each track on this album is absolutely saturated with industrial sound, cold and pulsating, sounding exactly like a manufactured nightmare. A bit of glitchy flair is used every now and again, something I am personally a big fan of, but it's just the icing on the cake to something this fantastic. The compositions are solid, it sounds super clean, and overall it's just an awesome heavy experience. Some tracks bring the energy to 11 and feel like something out of final boss battle from DOOM ( I think the 'this is like the final boss's track' comparison is a bit tired as it's regularly made, but it fits really well here), while other tracks bring it down and take it slow, making something more involving and atmospheric. "W O L V E S Q U A D" has this incredible guitar solo, which absolutely rips, bringing some texture to the track and making it all that much more interesting. "H O L Y W R A T H" is an album that any darksynth fan should not overlook, as it's just badass, simply put.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on bandcamp.

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