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Album Review: Dan Terminus - Last Call For All Passengers

Lyon based Cyberpunk master Dan Terminus is back with his long-awaited 5th album, titled "Last Call For All Passengers", and I've been looking forward to this since his last album, "Automated Refrains". That album was my favorite album of 2017, and one of my favorite albums period. "Last Call For All Passengers" is something that challenges "Automated Refrains" for it's space on my favorites list. This album is a whole new breed, it carries a lot of the trademark Terminus sounds, but what it does with them is fantastic. This is unabashedly raw. Sections of tracks change on a dime, transitions? who needs them, this jumps right in and expects you to buckle the fuck up. As abrasive as all get-out, the opening track "Oubliette" sets the tone for the whole album: high energy, and just raw synth aggression. Tracks have so many creative things going on, many of which caused me to raise my eyebrow and wonder where a track is going, only to whip me into some crazy breakdown. "Multitude" was a track in particular that has me laughing in excitement from the shit it does. Nothing on this is smooth or delicate, it has it's sections with some spacey pads, but that's always layered over blasted out synth-bass and in-your-face percussion. Every moment with this album is a delight, nothing feels stale or standard, it does so much different, blending sounds and styles to create this cyberpunk/breakbeat/industrial mix that is just splendid. "Feral" is a track that caught me particularly surprised, it starts with a very light intro into some solid percussion, before bringing in a HUGE bass riff and bringing the energy on display to 11, and you just can't help but bang your head to it. The album ends with "Excalibur", a perfect ending to this, mixing that signature Dan Terminus synth work with the more aggressive soundscape this album has on display.

This isn't Dan Terminus like he was on previous albums, this is something intense: unique, unrelenting, and absolutely phenomenal. Don't miss this call, check this out ASAP, I promise you won't regret it.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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