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Album Review: Chris Keya - Chaos Theory

Italian producer Chris Keya brings his most recent album, Chaos Theory, a project layered with cyberpunk influences, and themed from head to toe to be a full body experience. From the outset, it grabs you and brings you into it's world; one that is dark and sinister and bordering on collapse. Full of killer leads and deep bass, this album keeps you in it's grip from start to finish, and you really start to lose yourself in the music. Full of differing genre influences, pulling from House, Techno, and even some Dubstep, this blends those formulas in with the key pieces of Cyberpunk and Synthwave to create something truly interesting that can be engaging to more than just the average Synthwave fan. All in all, Chaos Theory has a lot of great sounds layered inside it, bursting with great production and sound, and should not be missed if you like your Synth mixed with some pumping house tracks.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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