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Album Review: Cat Temper - Something Whiskered This Way Comes

Boston based "Cat-wave" producer Cat Temper brings us his 4th release, titled "Something Whiskered This Way Comes". Yes, that is the title, and trust me, the cat puns are consistent across the entire record. Might as well go all the way with the theming right? Which in-and-of itself is a good summation of the album, a consistent array of serious Heavy Metal inspired Synthwave, gently coated in a layer of comedic self awareness, but not enough to detract from the real meat here, the music on display is fantastic. This album is a great balance of some heavy riffs and synth leads, in a way that isn't too dark, but it isn't the lightest thing either. It has some weight to it's production, and it truly knows how to throw that weight around. The heavy, crunchy bass is punchy as hell, and the leads are nice and bright, some sounding like they're from old kids pianos, which just makes the playful nature of the whole thing really shine through. It knows what it is, and loves every second of it, which really comes through on the whole piece. This album is a must listen for any fan of Synthwave and music that is just off the beaten path, music that just doesn't abide by the status quo.

Check it out here, and consider "purr"chasing it on bandcamp.

(That one was too easy.)

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