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Album Review: Brian Sangmeister - Wretched Verses

Chicago based producer Brian Sangmeister comes forward with his latest EP, "Wretched Verses" a chip fueled Darksynth journey, one full of energetic tracks and some heavy sounds. Incredibly soft, almost by design, the tracks here ooze of something sinister; something lurking around the corner, but where? You can only find out by diving deeper into the darkness; uncovering new secrets along the way. While only 4 tracks, "Wretched Verses" does not waste any time of it's 18 minute length, it makes every second count with chiptune vibes and heavy basslines, with vibes of some of the best from 1990's FPS games, akin to "One Whole Unit Blood", "Duke 3D", and even "DOOM". Incredibly catchy tunes await here, and it's something you should definitely check out if you aren't scared of what might be hiding around that corner...

Check it out here, and consider buying it on bandcamp.

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