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Album Review: Blood Beat - Cyberborne

LA Based Darksynth act Blood Beat comes forward with their debut EP, "Cyberborne", and what a debut it is. "Cyberborne" is loaded with 6 tracks of thickly layered Darksynth, all featuring a horror vibe, this EP holds no punches when it comes to great tracks. With leads that sting as they hit and distorted bass that rips, this has a little something for every fan of Synth, whether you like it light or dark. Every track has an air of eeriness to it, but some tracks like "Magneton X" revel in that feeling, while tracks like "Circuitry Possession" bring the energy up to 11 and have a really powerful and heavy vibe. Speaking on "Circuitry Possession", that track is without a doubt my favorite on this release, the vocoder/bitcrushed vocals it adds make this feel more upbeat and action driven, and it just adds and extra texture, that I honestly can't get enough of. "Cyberborne" is a fantastic debut release, and I cannot wait to see what Blood Beat has up their sleeves for the future.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp.

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