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Album Review: Alpha Chrome Yayo - Komorebi

UK based Synthwave producer Alpha Chrome Yayo brings us his newest EP, titled "Komorebi", a diversion from his typical action packed Synthwave to bring the tempo down and meditate over some incredibly atmospheric sounds. I love the work that ACY has done so far, but I have to be honest; this is my favorite work from him to date, the sounds on display here are PHENOMENAL, serene, calm, and absolutely beautiful. While they all carry the same vibe of atmosphere, they all bring a little different flare to their sound, done in a way that not only lets them all flow together well as a completed work, but also makes the individual tracks extremely memorable. Specifically, "The Mirror" is by far my favorite track here, I keep coming back to this track in particular, its such an amazing experience. This album is a fantastic experience, and well worth every second.

Check it out here, and consider purchasing it on Bandcamp

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